Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1st Lambton Cub's Investiture

On Friday 17th June Harry Cubitt invested his first batch of new cubs at 1st Lambton and I had the pleasure of being on the sidelines with my camera to capture the evenings fun and activities. The pictures that follow are a few of the ones I enjoyed most from the evening.

This is how your badges go on your uniform


This is how your badges go on your uniform

This is how your badges go on your uniform

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jonty's winter pool party at Wahoo.

Saturday the 11th of June was a very special day for my godson as his mum and I had planned a surprise pool party for him.  Every year he has wished for a pool party, but being born on the 3rd of June and living in the Southern hemisphere makes that a bit of a tall order. He is truly a winter baby so summer time fun is not the order of the day in general. Anyhow we set about finding an indoor pool which would be willing to host us and Nicki and the awesome folk at the Wahoo pool in Sunnighill provided us with a fab venue. Nicki and her team set up an afternoon of fun and games in and out of the pool. This is the making of Jonty’s dream party.

The awesome Wahoo Aquatic Center

Treasure hunt map

A very guilty looking mom with a bemused birthday boy in tow.

Happy chappie who's dream came true.

Yummy Ice cream cake from Bassets.