Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gautrain - From Dreams to Reality

Well tonight I feel like I really got lucky. Yip I responded to one of the Facebook posts from Gautrain to send in my name and win one of 10 spots to the launch of the Gautrain History Book and their Book Club.  Lucky me I secured a spot and so began a night that will go down in my history as being a very special night thanks to the awesomeness that is Gautrain.

The instructions received from Gautrain were to meet at Rosebank station at 17h30 where we would be given our gold cards to proceed to Midrand and onto Gallager Estate for the event. At 18h06 we boarded an 8 car train bound for Midrand and needless to say I was like a kid in a toy-store riding the awesomeness of Gautrain.

On arrival at Gallager Estate we were given bookmarks (a hint of what was to come) and a welcome drink of sparkling wine and then the formal proceedings began. Highlights of the evening  a reading by Don Matera and of course receiving a copy of the Gautrain History Book.

Thank you Gautrain for an incredible evening. May your book club reach each and every South African and draw them to love reading books.

Customised Table Tops depicting aspets of Gautrain

The Book of the Moment 

Custom made Gautrain Scatter Cushions

A magical reading by Don Matera

Thank you Gautrain - I Love my copy of this amazing book.