Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meeting Stephen & Caitlin

I finally got to meet Stephen and Caitlin over the weekend of Dec 16 -18 2011. As this was the first time I was meeting them I had to take along my camera and snap a few shots of them. Stephen is a real boys boy and was delighting in riding his bike for his Granpa and showing us the big white Koi in the pond which he insisted was a shark. Caitlin is just 4 moths old so I had to catch a few shots of her playing with mum and lying in the pram. I look forward to many more opportunities to spend time with these two kids as they are growing up.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Frogging is Fun - Chrissiesmeer Frog Night 2011

On Saturday 4th December Chrissiesmeer hosted its annual Frog Night. This was the 4th one I've been to and each one just gets better and better. The night is great fun and starts off with a brief lecture about frogs and what species you will be likely to find when heading into the pans in Chrissiesmeer, as well as the various calls unique to each frog that can be found in the area. Then its off to the pans, with wellies, water shoes or plastic bags over your takkies to catch the frogs. There are prizes available for the first frog found, the family with the most frogs and most species found. Everyone is into the grass and water around the pan looking and listening to catch their frogs and there is great excitement with each find. The frogs are popped into plastic bags and taken back to the main hall for identification and the prizes giving and then returned to the pan from which they were collected. The evening is rounded off with a hearty warm meal and homemade breads and preserves. I hope that the glimpse below with show you how much fun was had by everyone who was there.

 See you at Frog Night 2012!