Monday, August 6, 2012

Windpomp Kafee to Luneburg an Mpumalanga Road trip

This is a road trip which has been too long in the planning but one that just had to be done. On Sunday 29th July mum and I set out on our road trip we'd nicknamed the Windpomp Kafee adventure. It all started years ago when mum passed the Windpomp Kafee early in the morning on route between Piet Reitief and Busby Farm where she was living.

We'd booked to stay just out Piet Retief at the Rohrs Guest Farm & B&B and thus took the day easy stopping whenever we felt like it, having picnic lunches buy the dam and checking the mileages for our homeward bound photographs of the Windpomp Kafee and Paul Kruger Bridge. Yes the Windomp Kafee is real it is a kafee and had a wimdpomp that once functioned.

On route we'd spotted many cows grazing happily in the fields, a few old steam locomotives left lying in the veld (SAD), passed many trains running the Richards Bay line some fully laden and others with a load of empty containers going to be filled with the next load and finally arriving out our home from home Rohrs Guest farm B&B.

The next day was spent exploring Luneburg and visiting the eNtombi Mission & Battlefield as well as the Braunschweig Church and the Luneburg Church. With the requisite stop at the Luneburg Country Butchery for some German meats and specialities. A special stop was made to visit a local farm where we got to meet the pigs, they have European wildboars as well as our local bushpig's which we could get close to.

Day three was our return journey which we used to stop and photograph the sites we'd seen on the way, the Wimdpomp Kafee, The Paul Kruger Bridge / Begin der Lijn bridge over the Vaal river (the Vaal has its source in 2km from Breyton). The bridge is a lovely Sandstone arched bridge and is a national monument dating from 1898 and of course more cows.

The view from the lounge area of the cottage we stayed in.
Rohrs is a pet friendly B&B so we had Poppit with us for the adventures, here she is seen watching the chickens

Overlooking the eNtombi Battlefield

The Braunschweig Church

Luneburg Graveyard

Luneburg Church

European Wild Boars


Just a teeny weeny little piggy

So small compared to it's mommy the SOW!

The newcomer a good ole South Africa Bushpig

Quelia's take flight in the late afternoon