Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kulula #MostSAFlight Ever

A while back I entered the Kulula Most SA Flight Competition which they ran via Social Media and was lucky enough to be selected to be one of the Most South African , South Africans to be a passenger on board this unique flight over Jozi. Whooooooopa this was such a fun concept and event which Kulula put together in true Kulula style.

After being informed that I had been selected for this flight I was asked to arrive at Lanseria dressed in my best of SA fitting to the concept of the flight which I duly did. With my SA rugby shirt,  a jean pant and my trusty RWC 95 SA flag top hat.

On arrival at check in we walked the green Kulula carpet to a warm welcome by the check in staff who where dressed in true SA style. Then we proceeded through to the flight boarding and waiting area where the FUN began. First we had our photo's taken and then we were given wristbands and spent time enjoying the entrainment that has been laid on.

Wow I must say the entertainment was excellent from some serious ball skills by Soccer players, the most amazing guy with his Marionettes, Gumboot dancers, a Contortionist, Colin the Magician and just before we boarded a mini concert from Jack Parrow.

Once on board we all received Padkos packages filled with delectable goodies (Boere Sushi, Sour Mopani Worms, A Larney Sarmie, Boss Apple Juice, a teeeny tiny "you Biscuit", and of course an old SA favourite Koeksisters).

The onboard MC Kurt Schoonraad kept us well entertained for the 1 hour flight over Jozi. When we reached 10 000 m we all sang Nkosi Sikileli I Afrika led by a few of the Wits Choir Members. I must say that this was a moment that made me feel really proud being a South African on the #MostSAFlight. I had goose bumps as this bunch of #MostSouthAfrican, South Africans came together and sang. A truly moving moment being so high up over Jozi with a plane filled with the craziest of South Africans that could be found. An experience to be remember and stories to tell one day in the old age home as we all rock on our rocking chairs. Aahhh such good memories.

On departure from the plane we were all asked to look in the overhead storage where we would find a goodie bag for each of us from Kulula. My did they fill the goodie bag with some truly SA products.
We got Implala Maize Meal, Zambuk, Aviator Sunglasses, a mini Kulula Boeing 737-400 model, NikNax, Klippies & Cola, Aromat, Shisanyama, Rooibos Tea, Peppermint Crisp, Ouma Rusks all packaged in a bright green Kulula Shoulder bag / cooler bag.

A huge thank you to the Kulula Peeps who made this possible, an event to be remembered, that you guys pulled off in true South African Style with the craziest bunch of #MostSAFlight peeps ever.