Friday, April 19, 2013

Carey and Alan's Wedding in the Natal Midlands

Anyone who says it takes ages to plan a wedding should take a leaf out of Carey and Alan's book. They put theirs together in 4 weeks.

Carey and Alan's story started many years ago when they met through online dating but did not connect until many years later when they met at a Keg and she tried to set him up with a friend.

Alan's proposal to Carey was after a very posh Eggs Benedict breakfast 14 months after they started dating. He had redone the bill and pushed it over to her. 
The bill had been personalised so that while she read it, he dropped down on one knee... Uber romantic

They chose the Easter weekend 4 weeks before it actually happened. Literally, on the 1st March, They decided that as her sister (from the UK) was already going to be in town with her husband and kids - youngest whom they hadn't met yet, and if the wedding officiate was available, that they would go for it!! 

So, just 4 weeks after the initial idea, they were married!!

They didn't have a dress, flowers, a venue, suits, no local family, no budget, no photographer, no DJ, no rings, both having 2 kids and full time jobs, and no clue what we were getting ourselves in to, but somehow they pulled it off!! 

Hope you both enjoy my blog of your day and relive those special moments.

And she took his breath away...

One on Carey's special memories from the day - Saying I Do

Meet Mr & Mrs Tonkin 

A moment in Carey and Alan's wedding that I will never forget but that I also know hold a very special spot in Carey's heart as being another of her special memories from their wedding day. That being when she danced with her mother to  "It's my Life"  - Bon 

It's my life 
And it's now or never 
'Cause I ain't gonna live forever 
I just want to live while I'm alive 
(It's my life) 
My heart is like an open highway 
Like Frankie said 
I did it my way 
I just want to live while I'm alive 
- Bon Jovi

Carey's words about her mum and why dancing to Bon Jovi was so special.

"My mom has almost single handedly raised 3 kids, she was orphaned at 5, and has breast cancer, had a double mastectomy with full left lymph clearance and still not only runs her own company while receiving chemo, but is also the manager of the local golf club and was very instrumental in me being able to adopt my own child. She absolutely depicts that whole song "I aint gonna live forever. I just want to live while I'm alive""

 I hope you enjoy my blog on Carey and Alan's wedding. 
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