Thursday, October 13, 2011

Olivia's 2nd Birthday Party

Olivia celebrated her 2nd Birthday party at Kay's Place Adventure Playground in the Stoneridge mall. The pictures that follow are of Olivia's Kitty party in the adventure playground.

Sonja & Ian Pre Matric Dance Photo's

Sonja & Ian approached me to take a few photo's of them pre them going to Ian's Matric dance. We only have about half an hour in which to do the photo's and get them to the dance at the Birchwood Hotel. I'm sure they both had a wonderful evening  memories from the dance.

Ian's first sighting of Sonja all dressed up for the dance

Daniel's 10th Birthday Party

On  28th of September Daniel celebrated his double digits birthday. His party was on the Saturday prior to this and he chose to have just a handful of his closest friends at home for some free play and fun. Boys being boys this involved lots of soccer and ball games as well a good dose water and fun times just being boys.