Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arav & Shriya turn 3

I've known Arav and Shriya from when they were still tiny little newborns at their sisters 3rd Birthday which I shot. I've since done their big sisters 4th, 5th and 6th Birthday Parties and now had the pleasure of doing their 3rd Birthday. Arav and Shriya  have blossomed into the sweetest pair of toddlers with shy smiles and cute giggles who are doted on by big sis Dhiya. They had their Party at Elfs Hill in Chartwell which I think is one of Jozi's best kids party venues. 

The day was wet and rainy with the potential to dampen even the hardiest of 3year olds but this lot proved hardier and played up a storm in the rain. Kudos to their parents who took the rain in their strides and said let them be kids and play in the rain. Off came the shoes and socks and out they went to play and at the end the mum's had a dry set of clothing so they all went home dry and warm :)

Thank you Natasha for booking me to capture the next chapter in your awesome kids lives, you are blessed with Dhiya, Arav and Shriya.