Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Rotary Great Train Race 2011 and a Trip down memory lane.

On Saturday 20th August the Rotary Clubs of Witbank Coalfields and Middleburg held their Annual Great Train race between Witbank (eMalahleni) and Middleburg. Reefsteamers were involved as they provided the rolling stock (coaches). Early on Saturday morning the train was ready and waiting at the Witbank (eMalahleni) station along with two 18E locomotives that would haul us from Witbank (eMalahleni) to Middleburg. Reefsteamers provided 5 crew members to assist with the train (Train Manager, Train Safety Officer and three Coach Controllers). The Train passengers consisted of VIP's (mainly the Corporate sponsors for the event as well as a few eMalahleni officials and many children from various homes in the area who were being treated to a train ride.
The images that follow are a few of the VIP Coach and the scenes the train passed along the way during the race. Having been a Rotaractor for many years this event brought back many fond memories for me of my Rotaract days when we marshaled this event and assist with many other Rotary events.

Attaching the Rotary Wheel to the front Locomotive

Watering point as seen from the train

Some of the Walkers in the race who at this stage were ahead of the lead runner as the walkers got given a head start.

Watching out for the lead runner

Happy singing and dancing passengers form the back coaches

Almost at the finish line and cheering the runners and walkers on from the train.

The End.