Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meeting Emily

I'm too excited to wait for Emily's Official Baby shoot which is in its planning stages so I have to share these first few images of my first meeting Emily. Emily is an absolute little angel who's parents I have known for what feels like forever. Emily has been born into the most wonderful and loving family and i'm so glad that I can be a part of her life.  Thank you Shaun and Lauren for this perfect little angel that has come to be a part of your life and ours (the extended family of Steam nuts).

Meet Emily :)
The best place to nap is my mommy chest.

My gorgeous nursery which my Daddy made for me.

Dreaming of riding steam trains with my Daddy.

My big sister Cheylin

My big brother Gabriel the day before his birthday

my head fits in Gabriel's hand.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lauren's Baby Shower

Thankfully I've finally finished editing Lauren's baby shower photo's. I've had visions of baby Emily arriving before the editing had been completed. Well baby Emily has not made her grand entrance just yet and is on track for her arrival later this month, I cant wait to meet her and do her baby shoot. Welcoming Emily will be my first baby shoot and I'm so excited for the challenge and getting to share it with my blog and Facebook followers. Anyhoo back to Lauren's baby shower all the girls gathered at 2nd cup with pink bags a plenty filled with the most divine goodies to welcome Emily and some equally delicious goodies from mom Lauren to pamper herself with.

The cutest little socks

2nd Cups delicious presentation -cheesecake to die for

more delicious fare - frozen lemon meringue (Yum)

How cute are these shoes?

A very special blanket for Emily from her Granny Coleen

Emily Ackerman will be travelling safe wherever she goes!