Monday, June 25, 2012

A Tale of Three Provinces & Hot Air Balloons

During the latter part of last week I was invited by a friend on Facebook to take part in photographing Hot Air Balloons at the Hot Air Balloon Championships in Parys. As luck would have it the weather turned nasty and the heavens opened for three days, but thanks to Accu Weather I took a gamble on it being worth going to Parys on Sunday. I was up at 4am and left home at 5am intending to be in Parys by 6.30 for those sunrise shots. Well I was there on time but the sun was not and it was bitterly cold, overcast and generally miserable but the balloons being pretty and bright colours sure made up for the dull weather and the headache from the cold was soon forgotten as the shutter was clicking away.
Having traveled through three provinces (Gauteng, Orange Free State and NorthWest) before shooting the balloons and on route home I'd say it ended up being a great day out where fun was had by all.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jonathan's officially a teenager

First off sorry this post has been a little delayed, life has definitely taken over and I just have not had a chance to publish the post.
Moving onto the actual post I cant believe it but my darling Godchild has turned 13. It still feels like yesterday that Helen and I sat at Flora clinic waiting for Dad Harry to come through and tell us his first born had made his entrance into the world and now he's turned 13.
For his party he opted for a Random / inside out upside down theme with videos and braai for his close friends.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Frosty Sunrise Photowalk

For someone who's really not a morning person I seem to be making a habit of doing early mornings this winter. Saturday was no exception as I was up bright and early to join the Joburg Photowalkers for a Frosty Morning Sunrise at Emmarentia Dam. Just for some fun I decided to play with my settings a little and do some creative work. This is me playing with my camera and being creative and seeing what happens. Sometimes I like what I get and sometimes I don't. The set of images I've posted below are ones that I did like and I hope that you'll enjoy seeing my creative side at play.