Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reefsteamers Open Day 23 July 2011

Reefsteamers held their open day on Saturday 23 July 2011 and the weather sure played along. It was a wonderful warm winters day. The day got off to a very early start with a photographers special session at 6.30am and then moved on to being open to the public. Train rides were included in the entrance costs as well as the freedom to roam the depot and peek inside the inner workings of steam trains. Reefsteamers were also offering driver experiences to those willing to try their hand at driving a Steam Locomotive and those who did their experiences all came away feeling very proud and with a driver experience certificate. The images which follow are but a small sample from the days activities.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Setup for Classy Candle Hire

On Saturday 9 July 2011, I was again invited by Anita to shoot the set up Classy Candle Hire and Draping had done for a wedding taking place later in the day at Shepstone Gardens. Anita and her team had as usual done an amazing job and the venue looked very pretty with Tulips, Roses, Sweet-peas & Orchids and lots of pillar candles. The couple had named each table after special places that each had memories for them of their courtship and the events they held near and dear, such as Satara their first Kruger Park Holiday, Bostons where it all began and Nineteen they day they got engaged.