Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kirsty & Tyrone at Ascot Mews 27 Aug 2011 - The Paparazzi Special

Kirsty and Tyrone's wedding was my first wedding through Facebook. Fate and Facebook played a role in my being booked for her wedding. Facebook's role in this is that I started a group for my old primary school where I connected with other old girls. One of them being Kirsty's sister, Karen whom I got chatting with about my photography.

A huge thanks goes out to Leanne and Leon who where 2nd shooters for me. Leon stepped in at the very last minute to help out as Leanne came down with gastro the day before the wedding. Big thanks to Leanne for still doing as much as she could of the shoot despite not being well. (You guys rock and I'll be more than happy to return the favour).

Back to Kirsty and Tyrone the day started with me doing a few set up photo's at Ascot Mews and then moving on to capture Kirsty preparing for her wedding. Leanne was capturing Tyrone and his family getting ready while Leon raced through to the venue to capture the guests arriving. The rest of Kirsty and Tyrone's special day was captured by the Paparazzi team and the photo's that follow are a selection of the paparazzi images from the day. Thanks Kirsty  & Tyrone for letting us be a part of your big day.

spot the heart in the candle 
(there were two candles with the sacraments and both had made little hearts in molten wax)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Packaging

For a while I've been wanting to change the look and feel of how I present my final product to my clients. I have eventually found something that I'm liking. My gut feeling is that this works for me now but that things will change as the trends change. For 2011 into 2012 this is what my look will be.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Damien turns 10 with a Party at AcroBranch

Damien celebrated his 10th birthday with hie favourite friends and family at the AcroBranch Adventure Zone situated in the James and Ethel Grey park in Melrose. The venue is a dream venue for active kids of all ages who love a challenge and have no fear of heights. Damien and his friends took the trees with great glee and climbed, jumped and swung their way through each adventure course. The highlight being the big zipline slide across the park from high up in one of the Bluegum's and of course the Tarzan swing into the cargo net.

 All hooked up and harnessed - ready to climb, swing and hit the ziplines!

Damien's Spider cake with venom!

Zilpline fun high above the treetops!