Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Extravaganza of Steam Fun with Reefsteamers

This blog is a dual blog for an event that was intend to be on the same day and due to various circumstances ended up being spread over two Saturdays. Having the events split actually worked well as it meant the volunteers involved were able to devote their time to each event in a more dedicated manner.

For the purposes of this blog I shall divide them into part one and part two. 
Part one (the early morning photoshoot) took place on the 14th of July 2012, which just happened to be the day that a major cold front hit Gauteng. The morning got off to a good start with the cold having not fully hit but as the sun came up so the temperature dropped and kept dropping. The dropping temperature did not stop those shutters from clicking and being well seasoned photographers there were pockets to keep hands and batteries warm.

Part Two (the open day) took place on the 28th July 2012 which turned out to be a wonderful highveld winters day with almost summery temperatures. The open day was incredibly well supported with many families making a day of it and many little boys train dreams being realized as they started the day off on the oh so modern and beautiful Gautrain disembarking at Rhodesfield Station where they then embarked on a journey back in time on Reefsteamers Vintage Steam train and on to the depot. At the depot there were miniature train rides and locomotives in steam with opportunities to blow the whistle  or try you hand has blowing the the "tea" horn. The day ended off with everyone being transported back to Rhodeslfiled station by  the Reefstemers trusty 15F Janine. I have to say that I'm sure some of the moms are still scrubbing the dirt rings from the bath tubs and the kids after seeing how much of the depot went home on their kids faces , hands an feet. No matter ho dirty they were Reefsteamers is glad they had a good day out visiting the depot.