Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jeandre & Mari - Couple Shoot at Reefsteamers

Jeandre and Mari approached me a while back to ask about doing a couple shoot to celebrate having been together for 4 years. They asked if I would be willing to do the shoot at Reefsteamers as they are both mad about Steam Trains. Jeandre being a trainee Fireman with Reefsteamers and Mari a coach controller.
After a planning meeting with them at the depot we had this shoot totally sussed for this awesome fun loving couple. Having done the couple shoot for Jeandre and Mari I can say that they are a couple who are just meant to be together and will be together for many many years. I can see them growing old together and being as in love then as they are now.

Thank you Jeandre and Mari for chosing me to do your special shoot.

cupcakes and jelly beans

Which cupcake do you want?

We'll have these one's they're oh so yummy.

And so she was rescued!

The sand "fight" not sure who had the most fun me shooting this or them doing this. So much much fun and laughter was had that the guys working on the depot came looking to see what was going on as all they could hear was the laughter and giggles echoing through the sheds. 

The end of the day storm clouds were brewing which gave us a beautiful sunset. 
Just love the ring flare in this image.

Additional photo's can be viewed on Facebook by clicking on the link below:

Special thanks to Barry de Waal from Soundworx for helping me out with a smoke machine. Soundworx your service is excellent, Thank you.